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Meet Our Leaders

Dr. Lindsay Scorgie is an Associate Professor of Political Science at Huron University College. She teaches and researches broadly in the fields of comparative politics and international studies, and more specifically in African politics, peace and conflict studies, and genocide studies. Her latest book - Conflict at the Edge of the African State: The ADF Rebel Group in the Congo-Uganda Borderland (2022) - looks at the confluence of weak state spaces, borderlands, and violence.  

This is the fourth international experiential learning (IEL) course that Dr. Scorgie has run while at Huron. She strongly believes in the ability of IEL to provide students with the opportunity to take what they learn in the classroom and apply this in empirical settings. Topics such as the politics of memorialization, or the challenges of reconciliation after mass killing, are difficult - if not impossible - to be fully understood in the abstract. Through visits to genocide memorials and museums, meetings with peacebuilding NGOs, visits with survivor organizations, and even cultural excursions, students the chance to explore in-depth the post-genocide trajectory of Rwanda.

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Dr. Lindsay Scorgie, PhD

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Dr. Neil Bradford

Dr. Neil Bradford is Coordinator of Huron's Governance, Leadership and Ethics program. His research and teaching focuses on governance and policy strategies that bring together governments and communities in tackling complex public problems. Ethical leadership is crucial to finding common ground and moving forward. 


Learning with Huron students about reconciliation and renewal in Rwanda is an extraordinary opportunity for comparative research and policy dialogue.

Dr. Laszlo Sarkany

My name is Laszlo and it is my first time in Rwanda with Huron.


I teach courses on international relations, human rights and AI, the ICC, Arctic policy, social science research methods and others.


My research interests deal with the institutional design of the ICC, the negotiations which established the ICC, foreign policy, and international criminal justice. Great to be able to join you in this journey. 

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